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I hope you are following along on my awesome epic creative road trip

Just over a week ago I took a break from traveling to teach at EncaustiCamp with some of my favorite people! Want to share some of that lovely experience with you! 

I recently gushed about how much I love wax over here on Teahouse Studio's blog. I have a class coming up at the studio in Berkeley in a month. 

My classes at EncaustiCamp were awesome. I was so moved and humbled by the students' response to the project I planned for us. The general idea for the class - Bare Soul in Wax - was to paint a background or simple painting and then smash a hole in it with a hammer, then mount a box on the back so wax and objects could be embedded in the hole. Since the paintings are so moving and raw with images and color bursting out of the painting, we took some time to consider the parts of life that make us feel that way. Starting with some writing and reading some quotes, I invited the students to bring some intention or memory into their work. The results were moving and beautiful. 

Camp wasn't only about the classes. We went on a wine tour, cheese sampling, were visited by Karl Kaiser, and I spent some lovely moments in the woods. 

Karl Kaiser and his 100-layer work!

left: my first Banana Slug!


Stay in touch if you want to join us next year. 

Check out my Berkeley, CA class August 18&19 if you're in the area. 


Home From Spain

I know I've been home from Spain for 4 months now, but Home From Spain is the title of my show in Northampton right now. I am showing the paintings I produced in Spain and tonight I am giving a talk about my work and my time in the residency. This is a culmination to the experience and that feels nice. 

Maya Stein and I are sharing the space on Market Street. She is running an open mic night and doing a writing workshop. A fun collaboration. 

a book i just made at Artfest of papers collected during my travels this fall

Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight!


A New Kind of Teaching

first class in my studio

I have really been enjoying teaching encaustics over the last couple of months. Which is good because I am scheduled to do quite a bit of it this year. I am teaching in my studio, New Hampshire, Oregon and California (to be announced soon).


I started my in-studio classes in January and have developed a little group of students that are signed up for multiple classes. They are an inspiring and beautiful bunch!

studentsstudent work

I thought it would take me longer to get into this part of my career, but the doors opened and I stepped through. It was just meant to be. Teaching is engrained in me. It comes naturally and the little butterflies in my stomach just before a class only balance me out. 

working, work, and our furry companion

the collage class out at Wishstudio in Newburyport last weekWishstudio class


Waxed Christmas

My work comes to me in visions: flashes of idea that brew below my consciousness and then burst forth when matured. The other day I saw encaustic Christmas trees. So I went in search of a form I could paint on and found paper mâché cones. And today I painted on a cone shape for the first time. It was a challenge, but completely worth it. 

I painted a total of four Christmas trees. The two in the picture above have a lot of accression/texture built up. The one I am painting in the pictures is very melted and drippy. The fourth, which I did after I called Ben in to snap some pictures, is green with white lace stencil over it. Stenciling on a cone shape was also challenging, but fun. 

I also made sets of little encaustic coated blocks (you can see them in the above picture). Each set includes three blocks that stack from biggest to smallest resembling a Christmas tree. The words "Merry Christmas" are transfered onto the two biggest blocks. 

I am making all of these things (along with prints, originals and shirts) to sell at the Wishstudio Make Shop Mingle indie artisan trunk show tomorrow! If you are in Eastern Massachusetts please come! 21 Middle Street, Newburyport from 10am-3pm.  

On another note, I really need to look less concerned when being photographed. I look...bothered? Way too serious. 


La Fragua: Making Wax Medium (Video)

I have so many great little videos from here to show you all, so here is one for tonight. Have you ever filtered hot liquid through a pair of boxers? Oh, gosh! Don't answer that! This video is of me making wax medium last week. 

This video is not intended to be instructional! Just showing you how I made wax medium while abroad.