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When Life Is Hard

my grandmother's the nursing home

When life is hard...

I check my Facebook too much. I want something to take my mind off of things. But, honestly, there is rarely anything good on there.

I check my email constantly hoping for a flood of good news and overflowing opportunities to carry me through. But there is only the same-old emails. 

I watch TV shows like Glee and Parenthood, both of which are funny and include beautiful tear-jerking stories of people believing in one another. 

I want to dance like no one's watching just to try to shake off the worries.

I want to sing to remind myself of the truth in lyrics and feel fun.

I try really, really hard not to think about the "What if's..."

I think about winning the lottery...the age-old idea that money will make things better, which it won't because people are what I really care about.

I call friends, and thank God for my friends.

I work. I work hard. I work better. I work until I collapse just to keep from feeling the burdens, the pain. I am so efficient when life is hard. I kick ass. I generate new ideas and act on old ones. Work is my drug of choice. 

And sometimes I cry because that feels good too. 

I got a lot done this past week. I guess I had a lot on my mind. Anyone want to go dancing?

I need to paint.


The White Post

a sign up in NHI always swore I wouldn't ice climb. Ice moves, ice melts, ice is not rock. It just seemed too dangerous. But my husband, Ben, got into it and last year convinced me to try it. And I loved it. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. When else can you strap spikes to your feet and send pointy objects swishing throught the air? Does wonders for getting out aggression!

ice in Keene, NHbundled up and happy

So this year we have been climbing. Me far less than Ben, but I've gotten out a few times. A couple weekends ago we headed up to the Whites in Northern New Hampshire. I love it up there. And after falling a couple times due to inadequate boots we finally bought me a pair of ice climbing boots. They're really sweet. 

texaco amphitheaterwhile shooting the photo left, the photo right shows what I was standing under!ben repelling after set up; me climbing

the 160' slab at cathedral we led; i seconded


A New Kind of Teaching

first class in my studio

I have really been enjoying teaching encaustics over the last couple of months. Which is good because I am scheduled to do quite a bit of it this year. I am teaching in my studio, New Hampshire, Oregon and California (to be announced soon).


I started my in-studio classes in January and have developed a little group of students that are signed up for multiple classes. They are an inspiring and beautiful bunch!

studentsstudent work

I thought it would take me longer to get into this part of my career, but the doors opened and I stepped through. It was just meant to be. Teaching is engrained in me. It comes naturally and the little butterflies in my stomach just before a class only balance me out. 

working, work, and our furry companion

the collage class out at Wishstudio in Newburyport last weekWishstudio class


Home Again

Detail of stained glass at St John's Episcopal in Beverly, Mass

Just got back from another jaunt East. I am really enjoying these few days away now and then staying with my brother and sister-in-law. Each time I see friends and take in some art. This time I taught an introductory encaustic class at Wishstudio, had breakfast with a new friend, had lunch with another friend, drove around looking at the ocean and listening to Hello Soul Hello Business course material, brainstormed some good stuff with my brother, went to an artist talk in Boston, went to a friend's birthday party, and then spent some quality time with a certain 7-month-old and her awesome parents. It was busy but rejuvinating.

I often feel the itch to get out and see different people and places. But then I feel the desire to be home again and settle back into my routine and my work grooves. Tonight it feels really nice to be home again and I feel blessed to be able to bring my lovely three days away back home with me and into my work here. 

More updates soon. I have pictures from all the teaching and ice climbing I have been doing lately and they need posting. 


Guest Post 

I was a guest writer over on Catherine Just's blog yesterday. I wrote about the path of passion and how my journey to this new job has been full of twists and turns. Check it out.