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Finding Green

So we went from snow to desert and then back to the lush green western side of the Cascades. We have spent the last couple days in Portland, Oregon. We have seen friends, eaten great food, drank great beer, driven all over the area to see as much as we could, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


Today we spent an hour around the N. Mississippi Ave area. We ate at food carts and then saw some awesome shops, including these.

at Flutter (#3948)


at Flutter (#3948)the window of Sunlan Lighting (#3901)at Pistils Nursery (#3811)

And I have been getting in my babytime. We are staying with a 5 week old and he is precious!

Lyon (son of Erik and Katie)


Finding Snow

We are on the road! Ben and I are exploring the NorthWest before Artfest next week.

Just a quick post to tell you the epic tale of driving through the Cascades here in Oregon.

As we headed from the Salem, OR area towards Sisters, OR we received a call from the lodge we had reservations at saying that there had been an avalanche and there would be a long delay to get to the lodge. Being us we continued on knowing that there was only one road to Sisters. The roads weren't great because it was still snowing, but thankfully we had gotten upgraded to an SUV with good tires and 4WD. We were all set. And it was beautiful. 

waiting in line to get through the pass

We waited in a line of cars trying to get through the Santiam pass, where the avalanche occurred, for less than an hour before it opened. Some people had been waiting for hours. Here is the local news story with a photo of the vehicles that got trapped in the avalanche. 

Snow Eater!!! This giant snowblower was intense!

We got here safe and sound and have been enjoying another round of snow. Went snowshoeing yesterday and saw the beautiful Mt Washington.

This has been our stop for R&R and it has been wonderful. We are here at The Lodge at Suttle Lake because of a Groupon deal which included a suite, wine and cheese socials, and a couples massage. Feeling rejuvenated and ready to travel again today. 



I was inspired  to think again about the word savor by Andrea Scher's post about savoring life

Savor is a word I want to acknowledge more in my life. I've learned to eat fast, work constantly, and even my procrastination doesn't involve taking in beautiful things slowly. So instead of doing the same again I took my time with my lunch today. I sat in my favorite lunch/cafe spot, ate olives with my fingers, listened to my Glee pandora station, indulged in a savory grilled cheese and tried to slow down a little bit. It was delicious. 

Now I'm going back to work with a satisfied feeling in my stomach and in my mind. 


Winter's Last Hurrah

A week and a half ago we had a nice snowstorm. Not an overwhelming amount, but enough to snowshoe and enjoy. It was especially nice since this was an unusually warm winter and we hadn't gotten much of any. It was also extra extra nice because it was pretty. The snow stuck to the trees for days. A proper Winter Wonderland.

Left: Basil is a very good follower; Right: Ben and Lexi

We're climbing up that? Just did!

barely a was still snowing

And then the Smith College Bulb Show started. I've been going for many years. Last year I posted pictures from when I was a kid along with current ones. Here are some shots from this year:

Now, a week and a half after the snow storm I am wearing flipflops in unusually warm March weather. Can't complain about that!


What I Needed Today

 Nana, Papa and Me (Papa died when I was 2)

My Nana passed away Monday evening. This week has felt hard and grey. I went with my mom yesterday to help clean out her apartment. Everything was perfectly organized, so our job wasn't too hard. Just decisions and boxing and carting out. But emotionally it is hard and I feel like I am dragging.

Then today - despite the forcast - there was blue sky. It was a blessing, a gift, and I took advantage of it. I needed to sit in the sunshine more than I needed to get a ton of work done. 

I made this movie because I figured maybe some of you needed to just watch the clouds float by too.


And of course I took cheery puppy pictures. They loved the weather too.