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These images were taken by Danielle Intile of Winsome Smiles.



image by Danielle IntileConstructing a home can be a physical endeavor with nails and wood but it can also be an emotional endeavor using memory and experience to construct a place to rest one’s soul. My work is centered around images of both attempting to find a place in this world to call home and learning to be satisfied with who I am and build a home inside myself. My use of mixed media encaustic is a process of layering and constructing in a way that builds the physical pieces along with the imagery.

The imagery of home and houses represents a sense of self - when the home is in danger, the self is in danger; when the home is strong, the self is strong. The idea of safety and building a safe home are present as I find the places in my life where I can fully realize hopes and dreams. I often feel like life tosses me about, the world is falling to pieces, and everyone wants me to feel no hope, so some of my paintings reflect this. Slowly I am learning how to build a life and a way of being that acknowledges the struggles but also binds me to faith and hope in order to build a safe home. My work reflects both these thoughts and experiences. 

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